Sandhi Sudha, ayurvedic oil is created with valuable and natural herbs found in Himalayas. This sandhi sudha oil is made up after doing many researches and studies to eliminate the joint pains. The oil contains the healing elements that offer relief to the joints for longer period of time. Sandhi Sudha plus is 100% herbal oil with no side effects. It is instant joint pain reliever offering the lot of relaxation to the patient. It makes the joints stronger due to which it functions properly. After applying this oil, you will feel relaxed and the circulation is increased. The joints start moving normally which have been aching and not functioning since years.  

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Sandhi Pain Relief Oil 

Sandhi Sudha joint pain relief is capable of providing excellent results to most of the problems associated with joints. Santhi Sudha Plus is developed to add more qualities to the sandhi sudha plus. This medicine contains more herbs than its former product and it is capable of providing relief to the various pains associated with joints in a safer manner. It is good for medical management without considering the risks, issues related with cost and also the uncertain outcomes associated with the surgical options that are limited. Many have experienced the uses of this medicine and have got the effects so positive in very less amount of time. 

Additional Herbs 
The various additional herbs are used in sandhi sudha plus for m aking it more effective compared with the former stuff. Akarkara is a kind of herb that provides calcium for bones and thus strengthens them. Nirgundi is a kind of herb that can bring the strength of the weak muscles as well as nerves back. This is so good for making your nerve and your muscle in to its former form that is with its formal strength. Gawarpatha is another herb that is available in the sandhi sadhu plus that is helpful in providing lubrication for the dry as well as dead joints for bringing the smoothness associated with the movement of the bones. The other kind of herb that is used in the sandhi sadhu plus is Ajwain flower, Matti, Paan leave, Amrit Dhara for providing warmness towards the joints. These herbs are helpful for penetrating through the layers that of skin and also the outer tissues so that it reaches the joints for improving the functionality of the painful as well as dry joint. There are certain other kinds of herbs that are capable of the improving the analgesic features associated with the oil and these are asaliya, jyoti and salakha. 

Sandhi Sudha Plus and it’s Details
This is a kind of oil that is perfectly authentic ayurvedic that contains precious as well as rare extracts of Himalayan medicinal plants. These extracts of medical herbs are used for many people for effectively solving the pain in the joints immediately. With the inclusion of various different herbs that are mentioned before this medicinal oil can help in reducing pain associated with shoulder, elbow, wrist, ankles and neck. The usage of sandhi sudha is for regaining the stability as well as strength associated with the joints. 

The Working of Sandhi Sudha 
This is the herbal formulation that has oil as the base and is capable of entering skin layers for joints after application of it as it increases lubrication that is between joints reducing pain as well as swelling. It is possible for bringing the functionality that of weak and damaged nerves. It helps in increasing blood circulation and also helps in speed recovery of inflammatory as well as damaged joints. It helps in giving strength to joints that are weak due to aging as well as deficiency of calcium.

The Ways of Applying Oil :

To get better result in minimum days from Sandhi Nimoil, some necessary steps should be followed as:
At frist take the oil in your palm or in a bowl about 1or 2 teaspoon (5 ml. approx).
Massage the effected area with the oil with your finger tips and take care while massaging that the pressure should not be toomuch or too less.While Massaging with the oil, keep your finger in circular motion.Apply the oil on your pain effected area for 3-5 minutes.Take the massage with the oil 3-4 times a day for 15 days. In the condition of severe pain, you are advised to have massage 5-6 times a day for 15 days.

I used Sandhi oilover my back pain and I  got relief from the first day. So I suggest this oil, the best ointment for body pain and mostly joints pain for all the people.


It was really a very dreadful to have joints pain from 5 year. I used all the medicinal salvation both chemical or ayurvedic but got no relief. But this time Sandhi oilgave me proper relief from my joints pain. I ‘m really fully satisfied with this oil. Thanks .


I was suffering from severe back and joint pain from last 5 yrs but I took the risk of ordering This Oil. After using for about a week I also felt that it’snot going to Work, but I continued to use it and for my surprise I found that my pain was reduced by 70% after first month.

M. Singh, Delhi

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